5 of the Best and Most Trusted PC Gaming Sites

5 of the Best and Most Trusted PC Gaming Sites

5 of the best and most trusted PC gaming sites – Gamers definitely want to find lots of games that are free, cheap, reliable, best, and of course legally legal, so they will definitely look for the trusted and best game download sites, especially on PCs.

For that in this article I will discuss the 8 best and trusted PC game download sites and are legally guaranteed and not pirated games.

The following is information and a list of the best and most trusted PC game download sites.

1. Stea

Steam is one of the most popular PC game download sites and of course gamers will definitely know this PC game download site made by Valve Corporation. Steam is home to thousands of PC games with various types of games and genres that are complete and of course reliable, here you can get games from well-known developers and indie games.

To be able to access this site you are required to register your account on Steam so you can start downloading and buying various kinds of complete PC video games. You can download free or paid games, for those of you who want to be free, take it easy because many famous games are provided for free such as Dota 2, CS GO, and other games.

2. Ubisoft Uplay

Ubisoft Uplay is an official game download website made from Ubisoft. On this site there are hundreds of Ubisoft’s game titles, from the famous to the ones that are worth playing. For those of you who want to find Ubisoft game titles, this PC game download site is the best choice.

The games here are provided free of charge and some are paid so you can choose the games you like both paid and free.

3. Epic Games Store

Epic Games Store is a popular PC game download site besides Steam and this store is managed by the game company Epic Games. Even though it is relatively new because this store was only launched at the end of 2018, many gamers are interested in this site because of the many promos offered and the many discounts provided by the Epic Games Store until now.

Being a competitor of Steam makes the Epic Games store continue to update and improve the performance of their store, Epic Games also offers their store to game publishers at a small discount. If you want to download games with lots of promos and discounts, this is the place to download PC games that are worth a try.

4. Microsoft Store

Microsoft Store is a trusted PC game download site and is also a digital distribution platform for games and applications. Microsoft Store was founded and managed by a well-known company, Microsoft.
In this store, there are many games that can be downloaded for free or paid. This site can be an option for those of you who want to download PC games from both large developers and from indie developers, so please just try to download various games that are around hundreds of thousands.
No doubt this site is very safe and reliable because it will not present pirated game content and only presents original games from original game developers.

5. Origin

Origin is a trusted PC game download site and is one of the best download sites with hundreds to thousands of game titles in it.
This site presents many games made from EA or Electronics Art such as Battlefield V, The Sims, Fifa, and other EA games. Here too, it’s actually not just EA’s games but lots of games from other game publishers who have collaborated with Origin.
For me, this is the site that I recommend if you want to download EA games because it is a trusted site and has a pretty good service like Steam.

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