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Paper Slitting Machine

This machine is used for cut the strip from Big rolls of paper as a craft, Mill board, Foils etc into strip to use for at spiral winding machine. Machine is known to accurate cut bar free and high speed. easy to operate & handling.


1. Capacity  minimum 2" strip from 50" rolls length
2. Output  20 mtr/minute
3.0 Net Weight 800 Kgs
4. Electricals  3 ph 3 hp 50 hz


Glue fixing device

Specially designed to use variety in one type. So economy in production can glue 2 pieces at a time fitted with suitable roller and scrappers.

1. Capacity   maximum 20 strips
2. Output  5 to 8 mtr/minute
3. Net Weight 500 Kgs.


Spiral Tube Making Machine

This  machine is used to manufacture composite cans, textile tube, poly, paper drums and other general purpose paper tubes and cans. Machine is fabricated from M.S plates, heavy duty, No vibration shaft drive, smooth working heavy reduction gear box.


1. Capacity 30 mm to 150 mm OD and thickness 2 mm to 12 mm
2. Output  5 to 30 feet/minute
3. Net Weight 1200 kg
3. Electricals  10 hp Dc drive with control board


Auto cut off device

This machine used for approximately cut off the tube after rewinding the same from spirall tube winding machine. Machine cut the length automatically and store the same in stand attached with machine. Machine have M.S Fabricated body circular cutting saw which adjustable for various length of cutting.


1. Capacity   minimum 12" to 36"
2. Output  To be sychroozed with winding machine
3. Net Weight 400 Kgs
3. Electricals  3 ph 3 hp 50 hz


Tube Recutter Machine

This machine suitable to recut the tubes taken from Auto cut off machine, interchangeability of tools, pneumatically operated tools fitted with FRL directional control valve. Vaccum type of mandrell require for vaccum dustors from tubes. Machine is very accurate to cut the long body in accurate required dimension very smooth edges and Bar free.


1. Capacity   2 mm thickness to 12 mm thickness and dia 30 mm to 150 mm
2. Output  10 cut of any size/minute
3. Net Weight 350  Kgs
4. Electricals  3 ph 2 hp 50 hz


Glue Applying Device

Specially designed to use variety of Glue in one tube, so economy in production, can glue 2 plies at a time. Attached with suitable Rollers & Glue Scrappers.


Heat Sealing Machine

This Machine is designed for Seling to Tagger on top on composite and plastic containers.



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