Best Cooking Mobile Game

Best Cooking Mobile Game

Best Cooking Mobile Game – For girls, playing cooking is a very fun game. Currently, Google Play provides a variety of the best cooking-themed games that you can play right away

1. Restaurant Cooking: Crazy Chef & Home Design

How does it feel to be a superstar chef who cooks delicious food, travels the world, explores different cultures and develops a crazy kitchen business? All of these experiences can be felt in the game Restaurant Cooking: Crazy Chef & Home Design.

In this game, you can cook hundreds of recipes while you collect keys to unlock new restaurants. To serve more customers, upgrade our kitchen equipment. If the customer is satisfied, they don’t hesitate to give us a big tip!

2. Claire’s Café: Tasty Cuisine

From the title of the game, we immediately know that the main character is named Claire. Once upon a time, Claire had ambitions to become a super chef. We have to quickly prepare delicious dishes for customers as well as take photos of our best creations.

Make sure customers are happy because this affects the amount of tips they give! After that, spend our income to upgrade the restaurant.

In the game Claire’s Café: Tasty Cuisine, there are 66 levels that can be played with challenging mini games. However, only the first few levels are free. If you want to unlock all levels, you have to make an in-app purchase.

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3. Cooking Family – My Restaurant Chef

In this game, we will learn cooking skills and fulfill the needs of every guest who comes. If we manage to win all the challenges and bring in more visitors, we can open our own restaurant!

Features include 4 different restaurants that we can stop by, more than 500 recipe levels, decorating and upgrading the kitchen, and much more. Seems fun, right?

4. Cooking Paradise: Chef & Restaurant Game

Like challenges? Play the game Cooking Paradise: Chef & Restaurant Game, let’s go! Here, we have to prepare ingredients, cook, and serve hungry people. We must hurry to do it all!

Backed with fresh ingredients and high-end kitchen utensils, chefs must turn them into delicious, ready-to-serve meals. Satisfying visitors and giving them the best experience is our duty!

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