Best Online PC Games in 2021

Best Online PC Games in 2021 – Generally, the appeal of single player games lies in the story and the ability to play without an internet connection. However, after graduation, you won’t get much content or new challenges.

Therein lies the appeal of online gaming. Play with hundreds, thousands, even millions of other players in the world, ensuring you continue to get new sensations and challenges in every playing session.

1. Destiny 2

If you are looking for the best shooting online PC game, you can choose Destiny 2. The graphics quality is good, the story is also interesting to follow.
Destiny 2 itself has actually been released since 2017. Interestingly, now this PC online game can be played for free. There are two modes that you can try. The two modes are Player versus Environment (PvE) and Player versus Player (PvP).

In PvP mode, you and your friends can fight against other teams. It can be two against two, three against three, up to six against six. In PvE mode, you will complete the available stories and quests. You will meet other players and be allowed to work together in completing the game.

You’ll have to play alone to find out how much fun Destiny 2’s story can be!

2. Monster Hunter World

Not only on consoles, Monster Hunter World is also available on PC! It’s a shame if you don’t include this game in the list of the best online PC games. In this game, you have to hunt monsters from all over the world. The monsters you face are mostly large. It takes a mature strategy in order to defeat these enemies.

If you have started having trouble eliminating the existing monsters, you can ask other players for help online. Later, you can together find a way to defeat the monsters. Happy hunting!

3. Among Us

Siapa yang tidak mengenal Among Us? Ya, ini merupakan permainan yang banyak dibicarakan dan dimainkan selama pandemi. Tentu saja, Among Us sangat layak untuk masuk ke daftar game online PC terbaik. Grafis dari Among Us sendiri sangat sederhana. Akan tetapi, gameplay-nya sangat seru. Kamu dapat bermain dengan 9 orang lain dalam satu waktu.

Kamu bakal berperan sebagai kru kapal luar angkasa. Nantinya, bakal ada yang berperan sebagai imposter.

Nah, tugas kamu adalah mencari siapa imposter tersebut. Jika berhasil menebak sebelum waktu permainan usai, kamu akan menang. Sebaliknya, jika kamu imposter dan berhasil membunuh semua kru lain, bakal jadi pemenang permainan.

4. Rising Force Online Remastered

One of the best online PC games was “turned off” by a publisher in Indonesia, namely Lyto. I don’t know what made Lyto turn off the Rising Force Online game server or commonly known as RF Online. However, the game was finally revived under the name RF Online Remastered in 2020. For those who often play online games, you must be familiar with RF Online. This game will invite you to play as one of the nations, namely Accretia Empire, Bellato Union, and Holy Alliance Cora.

The three nations have their own specialties. Accretia with Launcher weapons, Bellato with robot armor, and Cora with her animus. Even so, you don’t necessarily have to choose the job, because there are still many more jobs in each nation that can work hand in hand in war.

What makes this game fun? Every day, you will be invited to fight to destroy the opposing tower. What makes it exciting is that there are only three or odd numbers of nations. Maybe, your nation is attacked by two nations at once. If you win the war, there will be resources that you can mine for several hours. Resources are needed to make your nation stronger.

5. Valorant

CS: Go has dominated the online gaming world in recent years. There have been several other game titles that have tried to disturb CS: Go, although they haven’t been very successful. Well, in 2020, there is a shooting game that is believed to be able to beat CS: Go. The best online PC game is Valorant.

Valorant will invite you to compete five against five. You will fight in 13 rounds, which team wins the most will win the fight. Unlike CS:Go, the five characters played in one team have their own abilities. For example, some are protectors, some are attackers, and so on. Valorant itself was developed by Riot Games which is famous for the League of Legends game.

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6. Counter Strike: Global Offensive

If you spent a lot of time in internet cafes in the early 2000s, you are likely familiar with this one game. Released in 1999, Counter Strike has been a huge success, not only among casual gamers, but also in esports.

The newest series, Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) offers improved graphics quality and exciting gameplay. This FPS game still offers a team-based game of terrorists versus counter terrorists and a battle royale mode of Danger Zone. You can now play all the modes for free.

7. Apex Legends

In the midst of the increasing popularity of battle royale games, Respawn and EA released Apex Legends. This team-based battle royale game is touted as the best on the market today. The reason is, this game comes with outstanding graphic quality, extensive battle maps, exciting gameplay, unique communication system, and you don’t have to spend a dime to enjoy it.

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