Mobile Games to be Released in 2021

Mobile Games to be Released in 2021

Mobile Games to be Released in 2021 – Maybe you have read similar or similar articles, but this article is different because we have taken it from trusted sources, here are the mobile games that will be released in 2021.

Android games at this time count as something promising. Many giant game studios have arrived and poured their money into this industry. Starting from Nintendo, Square Enix, to Blizzard.

A lot of information, whether it’s for the nearest or far future, will present a unique mobile game and will inspire the desire to try it. Here are some lists of games that you should look forward to, especially for this year.

1. Dauntless. This alternative Monster Hunters from Epic Games is planned to enter mobile phones, but it is not known exactly when


2.Plant vs. Zombies 3. The war between flowers and zombies never stops and continues until this newest series

Plant vs. Zombies 3

3. The Witcher: Monster Slayer. Based on the success of the game and the Netflix series, The Witcher is also coming to mobile

The Witcher

4. Summoners War: Chronicles. A spin-off from the Summoners War which takes place in the past. Expected for release in June 2021

Summoners War

5. NieR Re [in] carnation. The sequel to NieR: Automata. This particular game for mobile phones was released last February, but is exclusive to Japan

NieR Re [in] carnation

6. Pokemon Unite. MOBA whose characters are Pokemon. Even though it is a MOBA, the system is different from MOBA in general

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7. Apex Legends. Following the success in the PC market, Apex Legends will also be available for mobile phones in the near future

Apex Legends

8. Pokemon Sleep. Whether it’s a game or an app, Nintendo basically tries to make your bedtime interesting

Pokemon Sleep

9. Diablo Immortal. Have you ever played Diablo on PC? Then you already know the fun. Diablo Immortal is a game title specifically for mobile

Diablo Immortal

10. Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier. Taken from a story 30 years before the FFVII story, this game is a battle royale style

Final Fantasy VII

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