Best Superhero Games on Nintendo

Best Superhero Games on Nintendo

Best Superhero Games on Nintendo – For those of you who have a nintendo to play together or play alone, surely you will have a superhero game that you can play. But not all superhero games you can play properly and correctly. Here are some recommendations for the best superhero games that you can play on Nintendo.

Well, for those of you who use the Nintendo Switch hybrid console. Here are five recommendations for the best superhero games that should be played in 2021, as follows:

1. Batman: The Telltale Series
Previously, Nintendo Switch users had to endure disappointment because the Batman: Arkham Series game was not available for the Nintendo Switch console. Instead, the game Batman: The Tallate Series has been released to be played on the hybrid console. Similar to Batman games in general, this game takes the background in the mysterious city of Gotham.

In this game, you will play a character from Bruce Wayne who tries to solve puzzles and fights with many enemies.

2. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3
For those of you fans of Marvel superheroes, the Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 game is mandatory to play on your Nintendo Switch console. Unlike the previous Marvel games, which combine Marvel and Capcom characters, which are less popular in the market. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 only presents Marvel characters with a game style and storyline that is more attractive and exciting.

In this game, you can play some famous Marvel superheroes such as Iron Man, Hulk, Spiderman to Deadpool. In addition, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 has better graphics quality than the previous series.

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3. The Wonderful 101: Remastered
In the game The Wonderful 101: Remastered, superhero characters have the appearance of a Power Ranger but are given a touch of anime. This game was created by Hideki Kamiya who is a famous game maker which is among the works of his most popular games such as Devil May Cry and Bayonetta. In this game, you will play a superhero character who will fight various kinds of monsters and aliens using super powers.

4. Super Hero Fight Club: Reloaded
Unlike most superhero games currently on the market that offer slick graphics. Super Hero Fight Club: Reloaded comes with a simple graphic display typical of indie games. This game carries the fighting game genre where later the players will fight in the sky by issuing great moves. Super Hero Fight Club: Reloaded can be played by many players who will later play various superhero characters.

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