New Games to be Released on Apple Arcade

New Games to be Released on Apple Arcade – After going through several stages of the filtering process, we are finally able to enhance the articles we have collected with data from reliable sources about the new games that will be released on Apple Arcade.

Almost every week, Apple’s subscription-based mobile gaming service, Apple Arcade, releases and announces new games. Currently, players can play around 150 games on all Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV.

Even though the game catalog that has been launched is fantastic, in the near future, Apple Arcade will still have more amazing games coming. Starting from the games made by the creators of The Sims to new games from the makers of Final Fantasy, here are 7 new games that will soon launch on Apple Arcade.

1. Cozy Grove


Cozy Grove is a life simulation game similar to Animal Crossing where players take the role of a Spirit Scout on a haunted island. The main mission of the player is to explore the forest on the island while trying to help the sad forest ghosts.

The more you help, the better the environment around the island will be, one of which is indicated by the growing and blooming flowers. Along the way, players will also encounter several spirits who have unique stories to listen to.

2. Enter The Construct

Enter The Construct

Details regarding Enter The Construct are minimal except for the fact that at the start of its release, the game will be immediately available on Apple Arcade. Today, from the known pictures and videos, Enter The Construct is a sci-fi shooter game with a first-person or first-person perspective.

Apart from that, almost nothing is known about this game so there is a possibility that in the future, this game will change its name or even not be released at all. Directive Games as the developer has so far been silent regarding the development of this game.

3. Sp! NgSp! Ng

From the developer who developed No Way Home, Sp! Ng is one of the most anticipated Apple Arcade games. This is a physics based game where the player is given a mission to guide a cosmic ball to collect gems and avoid hitting walls as much as possible.

With a one-touch control mechanism, players will face more than 150 levels with daily challenges and more than 50 characters to unlock. Plus, it also has six themes for a different look and experience.

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4. Wonderbox


Wonderbox is the new name for the Box Project, which was previously announced for Apple Arcade. This game didn’t have much information or details in addition to photos at first. Now, Wonderbox is confirmed to carry the action-adventure genre where players can play with their friends or family.

Besides the campaign mode, this game will also feature a creator mode that allows players to create their own adventures. In addition, there are also several hero characters to choose from which can be customized at will.

5. Proxies


Proxi is a simulation game designed by Will Wright and developed by Gallium. For those who don’t know, Will Wright is the “father” of the The Sims series and Proxi will be the first game after more than 10 years of not making games.

Proxi was first announced in 2018 at the Game Developer Conference. On its official website, it is stated that Proxi is an Artificial Intelligence simulation game based on memory and player interaction with the game. This game was built using Unity and will launch in the near future.

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